Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Fantastic Garage Door Service Experience

It was a fantastic experience hiring Garage Door Repair Big Lake. I called them for help in selecting the best garage door for my place. They gave me several options to choose from. There were pretty and sturdy doors from top brands and the price was just right. I finally chose the one and had their friendly and skilled technicians install it. They did not waste any time in doing their job. They went immediately to perform the installation as soon as they arrived. They were focus on what they were doing so they were able to finish fast. I would hire them again if I need their service in the future.

Extremely Happy with the Door Service Given

I called Garage Door Repair Big Lake because I noticed that something was not right with my garage door. It would get stuck every now and then, which was not normal. The technicians from the company did an overall inspection on the door and were able to find out the real cause of the problem. They fixed the root cause of the problem so the issue did not reoccur. I am extremely happy with the help provided because my door operates smoothly. It does not get stuck anymore. I have proven how great, experienced and skilled the technicians are. They were all really nice as well.

Replaced my broken springs

"I generally take great care of things in my house, and considering how important the garage door springs are, I wanted to have them looked at immediately when I noticed one of them was starting to crack. I called Garage Door Repair in Big Lake after finding them on the net and explained that they seemed to be too new to have any problems. Their technician explained to me that perhaps I needed something a little hardier, and so they replaced my old springs with tempered ones which are much stronger. Since then I haven’t had any problems. I was really happy with their service, attitude and rates and so I highly recommend them!"

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